Tuesday, 4 March 2014

I Can't Keep Up!

Now look I am a simple man.  I am just a member of the public.  I do have an interest in UKIP but that is the extent of my 'inside' knowledge.  In the past few weeks we have seen information 'leaked' to the public that leading members of the Labour party supported an organisation that actively supported a group promoting paedophelia.

This is a shock!  How can these leading politicians and one is the deputy leader of the modern Labour party just shrug their shoulders and hope that it will all go away?  We have all made mistakes in our youth but this one is catastrophic!  Apparently they supported sex with four year olds and the group they were supporting, included convicted paedophiles, who received government money!

Then yesterday we were told that a guy who is at the heart of Downing Street policy had been arrested for having child porn on his computer.  Now listen, anyone who is promoted by the military into sensitive positions has to pass a very stringent vetting procedure.  Even a hint of impropriety can bring a military career to a close.

It would appear that at a certain level vetting is not required.  Going back to the spies at the back end of World War II, if you have the correct background and the back-up from 'friends' then vetting is irrelevant.

There has been persistent rumours about paedophilia at the highest levels of society and I mean THE very highest of our society!! Following the revelations that Jimmy Savile was a villain par excellence then the acceptance that 'dodgy' practices are accepted at the highest level is disturbing. 

Patrick Rock is/was really very close to the PM.  They were at one time drinking chums.  There have been so many accusations about the political class that they are beginning to appear akin to the mafia.

So much is happening that I can't keep up! We have a crisis at home and a bigger crisis abroad. I am beginning to wonder if we can trust anyone currently inhabiting Westmonster and that is yet another reason to vote UKIP!

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