Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Is President Obama for real?

On 10 April  I posted about the continuing discussion in the United States concerning the heritage of the President. The evidence cam from a site called 'Beforeitsnews' which specialises in publishing the unthinkable. They have been on the trail of the President for some time because it is the contention of many eminent people in the States that Obama is a fraud.

Now comes news that his social security number is also under suspicion! It emanated from Connecticut but there is no evidence that the President has ever had a connection with Connecticut. One of the leading protagonists is a Californian lawyer called Orly Taitz who claims openly that the President is committing Social Security fraud. 'Beforethenews' has published an article which ties up lots of loose ends and shows Orly Taitz confronting a couple of commentators with her evidence.  

Now Ms Taitz may be 'crazy', as one of them describes her, but in my opinion shouting her down and talking over her only serves to legitimise her position. While the political establishment refuse to address or even discuss why the President has a Social Security number from Connecticut then Ms Taitz will continue to have a point.

I would have more respect for Barack Obama if he cleared up the mess. Surely the state of Connecticut has a record of who they issued this particular number to? If it was issued to the President then all they have to prove is why it was issued to a person who has never lived there?

Anyhow, whatever else, it is an interesting read and the video clips are interesting. Clearly many people in the United States appear to have serious doubts about the background and legitimacy of their President. Others are, in my opinion, clearly in cover-up mode!


Anonymous said...

Um, Duh, States do not issue SSNs, so why would the State of Connecticut or any other State have a comment on this? Do you have any knowledge of how the government even works? Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

SSA has already explained that the zip code of Honolulu is just one digit different from some place in Connecticut (one leading by 9, the other leading by 0). A simple typo explains the whole thing. Do not we have bigger issues to worry about?

Tommy Conlon said...

States don't issue SSN's, but the SSA has issued SSN's with the first 3 numbers corresponding to where you applied up until a year and a half ago, shortly after it was discovered that Obama/Soetoro was using a SSN that was never issued to him. The SSN Verification system and E-Verify validated this SSN was never issued to him. The guy is nothing but a 2 bit criminal.

Anonymous said...

Wow another clerical error I guess, OBOTS are either the most gullible people on the planet or they are so in love with this Marxist that they feel the need to spread idiotic false explanations to cover for him. After March 1st, it's gotta be the latter.

Anonymous said...

There is a computer system used to verify social security numbers, when they put in obama's it says that number was never assigned to him.

Employers use it to validate new employees. Obama couldn't get a as a landcaper with that social security number. But Congress looks the other way and ratifies him as president.

This is why a lot of us US citizens think their elected officials are ruling the country based on personal whim rather than laws and the constitution. Every of congress swore to uphold the constitution and every one of them is failing in their duty and their sworn oaths. That's the kind of government we have in the US.

Anonymous said...

If there was nothing to hide then why was one of the very first executive orders O signed was to seal ALL of his records. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out there is a problem. I personally ran his SS thru e-verify and it came back as "FAILED". Please someone explain this logically w/o all the racist attacks.

anotherparadox said...

Well, the birthers certainly have their 'talking' points down. I would have to direct you to this link at the SSA website that explains that after 1972, SSN's were not assigned based on the state where the person lived.

The geographical location has no meaning to people that applied for the card after 1972. Obama got is after '72.

As far as the claims that his SSN does not come up valid through the verification system - this is most certainly probably true. If someone like Orly Taitz had published my SSN all over the internet and repeated the number in numerous interviews, I think I'd get my number changed. It is more likely that President Obama has had a new number issued.

Anonymous said...

Wake up obots, wake u.
Wake up America; and realize that you have a criminal in the white house.
Orly Taitz is an excellent attorney and patriot who has worked for over 4 years to research obama, and has brought forth volumes of evidence that obama is a criminaL.
Sheriff Joe, and his cold posse brought forth similar findings; from Taitz's research; but has not bought charges; a political coward.
Peter Kingin charge of homeland security HA HA know the fraud, but was made head of HS to hide the truth.
Corruption is rampart in the courts, congress, law enforcement, and the social security system.
obama has used this ss number (taken from a deceased person)for years now.
No body caught on until Orly Taitz brought it to life; now the obots say its a typo error... no so.
This number belonged to a deceased person.
Check e-verify again, but you'll never get a truthful reply.
obama's birth certificate is a forgery//proven by experts...
perhaps another typo error.
obama is sealing all of his typo errors under his executive order and congress has the safeguarding
of the key.
Election fraud is coming as is martial law.
That's what happens when we have criminals as our leaders.
Wake up America, wake up.

Anonymous said...

The Social Security Dept is in default in the case with Orly. The judge gave the Dept two different dates to get the original Social Security application of the SSN in question via a freadom of information filing and they did not comply. This is extremely unusual. Something is amiss, trust me...ow, BTW, they said they have the document by earlier saying the document was not out of the ordinary. It's also a federal court so they cannot say they have no jurisdiction like before.

Anonymous said...

Hey bozo, the Pres could pass E-verify with the SSN.... Try to explain away that one away! If I hired Obama as a employee, the USGovernment could and would if I got caught FINE ME!
Im sure you could care less as long as hyour welfare chech shows up on 30th of every month!

Monkey Boy said...

I just don't believe that birther idiots are as dumb as they seem. I simply have to assume that they are merely foul liars--no other explanation.

Orly Taitz, herself, proved that the President has used the number for filing tax returns without problem. If so, then he would have to have used it all of his life, until it was changed by the SSA because of it being plastered all over the internet.

Dumb as spit birthers, try filing an income tax return with a number that wasn't issued to you and see what happens--go ahead, I dare you!

Also, he has several driver's licences, several passports (including a diplomatic passport), and several JOBS that would have required he pass E-verify.

Birthers just make up lies out of the whole cloth.

@idiot anonymous @11:22
obama has used this ss number (taken from a deceased person)for years now.
Who is the "deceased person?" Why doesn't this person show up on the deceased database? Liar--FOAD!

anotherparadox said...

@Anonymous 11:30

How can the SSA be in default on an appeal? The best Orly can hope for his for the appeals court to send her case back to Judge Lamberth for review.

I'll have to agree with Monkey Boy. I will add that birthers are also illiterate - Orly being the most illeterate of them all.

bryboy said...

Heh Guys/Gals I am a Brit. I know nothing of your system of government but I just picked up on a discrepancy which interested me. Clearly I have jabbed a hornet's nest with a sharp stick. I have NEVER had such a response from anything I have penned from this side of the pond. I am beginning to suspect that Orly is no dummy and knows exactly what she is doing. The panic of the mainstream media commentators as they try to disassociate themselves from her input is almost comical. I hold no brief on this but please use my blog as a forum. You seem to have a developing situation!

Monkey Boy said...

Heh Guys/Gals I am a Brit. I know nothing...
I'm inclined to agree.

I am beginning to suspect that Orly is no dummy and knows exactly what she is doing.
But, apparently, no one else does.

The panic of the mainstream media commentators as they try to disassociate themselves from her input is almost comical.
The comedy occurs whenever the haters repeat her easily debunked lies and delusional assertions.

bryboy said...

Hello Monkey Boy (what a strange pseudonym)It is very easy to be rude but let me assure you that I hold no brief on this issue. I really don't care but I find it interesting that so many people appear to be challenging the legitimacy of arguably the most powerful man in the world. If the lies are easily debunked then what is the problem? Debunk them! The reason that people are sitting up and taking notice is that not much is standing up to scrutiny. The more people like Ms Taitz research the more the mystery deepens. There is no need to be rude to me because I am just an interested bystander. We have our own problems this side of the pond believe me!

Monkey Boy said...

If the lies are easily debunked then what is the problem? Debunk them!

See my post at 11:55.

The more people like Ms Taitz research the more the mystery deepens.

Where is the mystery? What is mysterious? Point out something else and I will debunk it. No mysteries here.

There is mystery only where some people are determinee to prevaricate and claim that something is mysterious or unknown.

Monkey Boy said...

Btw, it also "rude" to disseminate untruths and half-truths about someone.

bewick said...

Monkey Boy. Thank you. You have confirmed that my imstinctive prejudice against Americans is well-founded. Then again I have met a few who were actually pleasant and polite.

Monkey Boy said...

Then again I have met a few who were actually pleasant and polite.
I trust that they were too polite lie about a fellow being.

In my book, people that willingly lie forfeit all claims of courtesy for they, themselves, have committed the ultimate discourtesy.

Monkey Boy said...

bewick said...
Monkey Boy. Thank you. You have confirmed that my imstinctive prejudice against Americans is well-founded.

I am unable to ascertain whether this is an attempt to intimidate, or a demonstration of il-logic on several fronts.

You don't know whether I am American, British, Argentine, West Indian or Icelandic. And, its a pity that your "instincts" lead you to faulty conclusions, yet, don't induce repugnance against slander and smearing.

Nevertheless, I am not ashamed to say that I don't suffer knaves and fools gladly.

bryboy said...

Monkey Boy thanks for your interest and your loyalty is commendable. Unfortunately nobody has yet come forward with the proof that Orly Taitz is seeking. The President (your President?) must take this a bit more seriously. He should allow Orly her moment and then produce the documents that she, and clearly many others, want to see. He doesn't need to do it personally but it must be authentic. Mere words are superfluous here. We can always call each other names but a President should never be backed into this position. It is ridiculous! I just wonder, from my position of interested bystander, why so many people seem to think that his background has been contrived.

Anonymous said...


The President of the United States of America doesn't owe Whorely Taitz a DAMN thing. Anyone who latches on to that crazy woman instantly loses credibility. President Obama should have her ass locked up for filing multiple frivolous lawsuits.

bryboy said...

I am beginning to understand that this is a VERY serious issue in the States. I genuinely can understand how very many people are upset that a female Californian lawyer is having the temerity to challenge the validity of the President! However, GULP, so far she has not been proven inaccurate. So far she has evidence that has not been proven refutable. I repeat that I hold no brief on this but to call her an unpleasant name is not proof! I am also sure that if President Obama could lock her up he would lock her up. He must hate her! So far however, she remains a free citizen. From over here I think she has a lot of courage...but then what do I know about your country?

Litlebritdifrnt said...

bryboy - I am a Brit living in the US. Please do not fall down the Orly rabbit hole and give people in the US the impression that there are idiots in the UK as well as over here. There have been over 100 "birther" cases filed so far and all of them have been tossed out as being utter nonsense. Not only has Orly's so called "evidence" been debunked thousands of times it has been found "unpersuasive" by every Judge that has ever heard it. It was most recently thrown out of court in Georgia. Do yourself a favor and do some research. Your "brother" would be ashamed of you.

bryboy said...

Hi Litlbritdifrnt, Welcome to the debate and I agree that I know nothing about the society and the politics of the United States. HOWEVER, ... by the way how did you find me? I am just a humble little local blog tucked away with a few self minded friends and suddenly I am getting posts from all kinds of anonymous people. It makes me wonder whether Orly Taitz has a point!

By the way my brother was the cheerful member of the family and always hated me!